The James Bond yacht flipper


Like many of today's rich, John Staluppi has a thing for yachts and James Bond. But unlike most of the rich, Staluppi has found a way to enjoy them both together and even make money in the process.

Staluppi, one of the nation's largest private car dealers, has owned 18 yachts over the course of his life. All of them were named after James Bond films.

John Staluppi names all his yachts for James Bond films. Pictured here is “Diamonds Are Forever.”
Source: John Staluppi

There was "Goldfinger," "Diamonds Are Forever," "GoldenEye," "Octopussy," "The World is Not Enough" and the latest, which is under construction, is the 237-foot "Skyfall."

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When completed, it is expected that Skyfall will cost more than $60 million.

Over the past year, Staluppi gave "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" a tour of two of his recent boats—"Diamonds Are Forever" and the stand-in for "Skyfall" until the new boat is completed.

"James Bond is exciting, and I'm all about excitement," he told CNBC.

A rendering of “Skyfall.”
Source: John Staluppi

Staluppi said his Bond fixation started as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, when he watched "Goldfinger" in the theater. (His favorite Bond film is "Moonraker.")

After making his fortune, he started building Bond boats.

When asked how much he's spent on Bond boats over the years, he said. "I have no idea. I never tried to add that up. I'd be scared."

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But while yachts are mostly seen by the wealthy as a money pit, Staluppi has been a wise investor. He's flipped several of his Bond boats for a profit, and he charters them when he's not using them.

"My last boat, we made very good money," he said. "After the season was over, we made over two million bucks, after paying the expenses."

He said he usually gets tired of a boat after two years.

"It keeps me young, it keeps me motivated and keeps me working hard, so I can afford the next big boat," he said.

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