Diet Doc Explains Why People Cannot Get Rid of Cellulite and Offers Their Solution to Diminish Its Appearance

LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People across America are avoiding mirrors and wondering how and why they have allowed their weight to get so out of control. What began as a few extra pounds has turned into embarrassing love handles, beer bellies and thunder thighs. Many are noticing lumps of, what appears to be fat, called cellulite, surfacing throughout their body. People are ashamed, embarrassed and afraid of the effects that this excess weight is having on their internal organs, their confidence levels and their self-esteem are plummeting, and many are turning to Diet Doc, who has become a leader in the nation's weight loss industry.

How did it happen and how can one get rid of cellulite? Weight gain inevitably begins with a person consuming more calories than the body needs to burn for its energy needs. The less active a person, the fewer calories they need to function. The excess fat, having nowhere to go, accumulates in the cells, nestling itself comfortably and dangerously around the internal organs and emerging in the most stubborn to lose areas. Fatty deposits, called cellulite, develop and appear as lumpy substances that push against the connective tissue beneath the skin creating a dimpled appearance. Unfortunately, although many internet sites continue to tout their overnight miracle creams that promise to dissolve and get rid of cellulite, the real truth is that there is no magic solution. However, losing excess fat can diminish its appearance.

Diet Doc works closely with each new patient to create diet plans that are specific to their personal needs. During an online consultation, their doctors review the entire system to uncover hormonal imbalances, sluggish organs or cellular toxicity that may be causing weight gain or preventing weight loss. Meal and snack plans are tailored to fit the nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs of each patient. Prescription diet products, including pure prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills and powerful fat burners may be prescribed to qualified patients to help them over the initial weight loss hurdles by curbing appetite, controlling cravings and preventing fatigue while also targeting fat stores throughout the body to be released into the bloodstream and quickly flushed from the system.

Although there is no proven scientific method to absolutely get rid of cellulite, Diet Doc has helped thousands feel more comfortable and confident by reducing its appearance through safe and fast weight loss. Call or log on today.

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