Reduce and Relieve Hot Flashes Through Diet Doc's Safe, Fast and Natural Weight Loss Programs

LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Menopause signals the end of a woman's reproductive capabilities. For many, it is a sort of freedom because they no longer have the worry of unplanned pregnancy. However, many other changes accompany this newfound freedom. Because menopause causes hormone levels to peak, dip and dive, this transition can wreak havoc for women. Most women endure emotional changes, mood swings, fatigue and body drenching hot flashes which can diminish their quality of life and increase their risk for depression, anxiety, insomnia and weight gain. While there is no surefire, proven method to avoid all menopausal symptoms, experts do agree that losing excess fat can substantially reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes. For this reason, Diet Doc developed their diet plans for women that are accompanied by their specially formulated prescription products that make transitioning into this new stage of life a little less difficult.

There is no need for new Diet Doc patients to schedule or attend costly and time consuming doctor visits to address hot flashes or weight loss needs. By simply calling the company or visiting, women can complete an initial health questionnaire and consult online with one of Diet Doc's highly trained doctors. During the consult, the doctor will review the entire system to uncover hormonal imbalances or other conditions that may be causing weight gain or preventing weight loss. These issues will be addressed when developing diet plans that are specific to each woman's personal needs.

To address weight loss, experts will work closely with each woman to tailor meal and snack plans that leave them feeling full and satisfied. The inclusion of Diet Doc's hormone treatments, diet pills and fat burners help women see fat melting from the most difficult to lose areas naturally, safely and rapidly. And, because the doctors understand menopause and its cluster of symptoms, including emotional highs and lows, temptations to reach for high carbohydrate foods, disruptive sleep patterns and powerful and irritating hot flashes, many women will qualify to include the company's specially formulated Oxytocin for improved mood and an overall feeling of peace and comfort.

Diet Doc has become a leader in the weight loss industry and continues to modernize and update their already successful diet plans, reaching out to women throughout the country and helping them to transition safely and comfortably into their next phase of life by losing excess fat and reducing the severity and frequency of irritating hot flashes. Call today to schedule a personal consultation.

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