RootMetrics Named 2015 Eastside Business of the Year

BELLEVUE, Wash., March 31, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RootMetrics®, the standard for independent mobile performance measurement, has been recognized as the 2015 Eastside Business of the Year by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.
After reviewing entries from across the area, a panel of judges recognized RootMetrics for its sustained superior performance as an established Eastside business of more than 100 employees; business leadership within the mobile industry; a history of identifying and seizing market opportunities; the strength of its leadership team; commitment to workforce excellence; and its financial stability.
RootMetrics is an independent mobile analytics firm that offers scientifically collected and crowdsourced mobile network performance information to consumers and the industry. Founded in 2008, the company captures how consumers experience mobile network performance in real-world situations. Rigorously scientific tests are distilled into a series of unbiased mobile network reports. High-level summaries of these reports are offered free to the public on the company's website, making it simple for mobile users to compare carrier performance and make more informed mobile decisions.
"RootMetrics is honored to join the elite list of past and present Eastside Business of the Year award winners, and to be recognized for the significant impact our work has on the mobile industry in the region," said Bill Moore, CEO at RootMetrics. "We consider this award both an honor, and a validation, of our efforts to help consumers worldwide make the best possible decisions about their mobile phone service.
"We set the standard for mobile performance assessment, and are helping the industry deliver a better mobile experience to customers," said Moore. "But, we're just getting started. I'm excited to share the next advancements our company will deliver to the market for years to come."
About The 2015 Eastside Business AwardsThis is the 26th year that the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce has held its Eastside Business Awards More information about the 2015 Eastside Business Awards is available at, or in this emagazine.
About RootMetricsRootMetrics is an independent mobile analytics firm that offers insights into the consumer mobile experience. RootMetrics provides data on mobile network performance to help people make more informed mobile decisions. RootMetrics offers its RootScore® Report series for metropolitan markets, nations, states, and airports, as well as its downloadable CoverageMap app. To ensure that RootMetrics testing reflects real-world mobile usage, testing is conducted based on where, when, and how consumers use their smartphones most often.

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