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Heineken Light offers money-back guarantee

Neil Patrick Harris in a new Heineken Light ad
Source: HeinekenUSA

Neil Patrick Harris is known for being many things: actor, writer, producer, director, singer and award show host. In the latest campaign for Heineken Light, much to his chagrin, Harris is only known among his fans as a beer pitchman.

Using Harris as a reluctant pitchman is part of Heineken's latest attempt to reboot the Heineken Light brand. Harris first appeared in Heineken Light ads last summer.

As part of the new campaign, Heineken is turning to one of the oldest pitches in marketing, the money-back guarantee.

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"At Heineken, we believe that you don't need to sacrifice taste when drinking a light beer" said Ralph Rijks, vice president of Heineken USA, in a statement. "We're so confident in Heineken Light's award-winning flavor that we're putting our money where our mouth is."

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To that end, Heineken is offering to refund the cost of a six-pack of Heineken Light to any purchaser who asks for their money back. In states where alcohol-related refunds are not allowed, Heineken will make a charitable donation in the same amount.

Heineken is betting that the revamped light beer, which has won the title of "Best Tasting Low-Calorie Lager" the last two years at the World Beer Championships, can win over consumers in a way other light beers have failed to do.

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The brand underwent a major makeover, which included tweaking the recipe to include Cascade Hops, a style more often associated with craft beers and not macro light lagers.