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How to invest in the second quarter: Experts

Q1 a big nothing: Pro

As the first quarter came to a close Tuesday, U.S. stocks ended lower for the day and the Dow Jones industrial average failed to post gains for the quarter. For private investor Evan Newmark, that means biding his time and not making any investment decisions.

"That whole quarter was a big nothing … I don't feel the need to do anything," the CNBC contributor said in an interview with "Closing Bell. "

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"I think the thing to look for is whether or not the … economy come this spring manages to rebound, like I believe it will. [The] consumer confidence number was very strong."

The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index hit 101.3 in March, up from February and above analyst expectations.

Market dip has more to go: Pro

Kate Warne, investment strategist at Edward Jones, believes that as consumers become more positive, investors become more positive, which could lead the market higher.

"As long as consumers are feeling better, you want to be buying stocks," she said.

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That said, she thinks large-cap stocks are heading in the direction of being overvalued.

"We think it's important to look for companies that have solid brands and have growth opportunities because not every stock is going to do well in this environment," Warne noted.

Meanwhile, trader Terry Dolan, CEO of Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage, thinks the market dip has a bit more to go.

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"I'm not saying the market is going to fall apart, but I think it shows weakness here," he said.

Investors are also increasingly looking at Europe for opportunity, and Doug Gordon, investment strategist at Russell Investments, is among those who think European stocks have more room to run.

"While the U.S. is probably the most robust from a macro economic and a downside risk perspective, Europe offers the most potential to the upside with respect to equities," he said, stressing that the investment is part of the firm's diversified multi-asset deployment.