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Time to capitalize on Google's weakness

Going up against Google

If Jim Cramer were running the Internet, he would redesign the online service world and cash in on Google's weakness right now.

"The natural buyer for every major online service vertical has left the building, and it's time for other companies to step up if they want to be relevant on the web," the "Mad Money" host said.

Just think about it—right now Google runs everything. And most individuals of importance in the restaurant, travel, entertainment and real estate business have figured out that Google is going to either create a service that competes with them, or buy the one that they use.

The good news is that Cramer sees a unique opportunity to cash in on Google's weakness.

Right now, Google is under such tough scrutiny from regulators, that the competition has a chance to make a move and get ahead of the Internet giant before it even makes a move to acquire the competition. Perhaps now is the time for Microsoft or Yahoo to make a move?

Source: CNBC

Essentially, the prominence of the Internet can only help businesses such as restaurants, home rental, hotel ratings or real estate buying companies.

However because of this strange division between the public and private markets, Cramer thinks that these companies have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do some deals while Google is held back by the Feds.

So what would Cramer do? If he were Microsoft, Yahoo or Priceline he would put them all together under one umbrella. Zillow for real estate, GrubHub for food delivery, Yelp for ratings, HomeAway for housing ratings and TripAdvisor for research. A one-stop shop for your needs!

"You would basically be recreating an online but viral newspaper that would allow people to figure out what they want to do…and the site could be both advertising and subscription supported," Cramer said.

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Right now, each of these dominant companies has solidified its grasp within its area. Yet, they still worry about Google reaching in to wreck them.

However, time is of the essence. This won't last forever! Cramer thinks that extraordinary things could be accomplished by a company that can look forward, without the fear of Google. Thanks to the Federal Trade Commission holding it back, it's time for these companies to step in and create major growth.

"Let's just hope that someone at Yahoo or Microsoft is watching and they take advantage of this amazing opportunity."

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