Diet Doc's Updated Diet Plans Offer a Safe and Effective Alternative for Those Who Are Considering Weight Loss Surgery

HOUSTON, April 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The body is a vehicle designed to carry people through life. The key is to take care of this very intricate instrument, to keep it tuned up and operating optimally to ensure the most rewarding life possible. For many, this revelation comes later in life when they are faced with conditions that could have been prevented had they just taken better care of their body. And, while many people are predisposed to health conditions that are unpreventable, there is one condition that can very easily be managed – weight.

Thousands turn to the internet, willing to try any diet, cream, lotion or gadget, usually guaranteed to melt fat overnight. And, while there are many reputable diet plans, many are designed to bilk money from desperate dieters with fraudulent products. Many turn to weight loss surgery and many more are turning to Diet Doc to lose weight safely, quickly and naturally.

The two most frequently performed weight loss surgeries are gastric bypass and gastric banding. And, while these surgeries do offer a moderate level of success, as with any invasive surgical procedure, they carry potential risks, including blood clots, infection, bleeding and even death. Many find themselves unprepared for lengthy recovery periods, post-surgery pain and discomfort, numerous doctor visits and extremely slow and difficult weight loss progress.

Diet Doc's diet plans enable patients from any part of the country to simply call the company or visit to complete a health questionnaire, schedule an online doctor consultation, work closely with nutritional experts and reorder prescription diet products without lengthy waiting periods, without costly and time consuming doctor visits and without the risk of surgical complications. Each patient's entire system is reviewed and health conditions, medical history and previous unsuccessful weight loss attempts are analyzed by the doctor before recommending the best weight loss strategy. Meal and snack plans that are personal and specific to each patient's needs are designed by nutritional experts that work flawlessly with prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills and powerful fat burners that turn the body into a fat burning machine, melting fat from the most difficult areas at an amazing pace.

Diet Doc's modern approach to fast weight loss has helped thousands of weight loss surgery candidates avoid the risks and side effects of weight loss surgery. The company urges those of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders to call today to schedule a free and confidential consultation prior to committing to costly and potentially dangerous weight loss surgery.

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