Hexadite Introduces the Industry's First Fully Automated Incident Response Solution Capable of Investigating and Closing out Cyber Alerts in Seconds

IDT Corporation uses Hexadite to accelerate incident resolution and improve the overall productivity of its security operations

TEL AVIV, Israel and SAN FRANCISCO, April 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hexadite, Inc. today announced the availability of the industry's first fully automated incident response solution, Hexadite AIRS™, designed to reduce the time between cyberattack identification and remediation by up to 95 percent. The solution has been successfully deployed by multi-national organizations headquartered in the U.S. and Israel, which were able to cut the time to investigate a cyber alert and contain and remediate an attack from days and weeks to minutes and seconds.

NYSE-listed IDT Corporation turned to Hexadite for a faster way to deal with attacks and to improve the overall productivity of its security operations. IDT's IT environment is somewhat unique in that it's at the nexus of three very highly targeted industries – telecom, energy and oil and banking and finance. The responsibility always lands squarely on the security team to keep the organization up and running and the critical resources in their varied cloud and data center environments protected.

"When I met with Hexadite, I didn't have to explain our pain points; they just got it," said Golan Ben-Oni, CSO and SVP of network architecture for IDT Corporation. "Hexadite was able to go in right away, give us results and help me solve my problems."

Hexadite AIRS is designed to handle multiple investigations and remediate large scale events impacting multiple systems in parallel. It provides out-of-the box incident response logic that implements industry best practices to ensure an organization can efficiently and effectively respond to an attack from day one. With its unique Hexadite SWAT technology, the solution is able to proactively collect and analyze data from the IT security infrastructure, endpoints, threat feeds, log repositories and more to provide the intelligence and response capabilities organizations need to confidently address the threats they are facing.

"When we know something bad has happened but are not sure what it is or have an incomplete alert, Hexadite will immediately launch an investigation and fill in the blanks of what just happened," said Ben-Oni. "Because Hexadite automatically goes out and looks at every threat, we immediately know what the threat level actually is…[which] enables us to save our people from having to do that."

Ben-Oni continued, "Hexadite is also able to address those widespread spray attacks that try to get a whole bunch of people. There is just no way for an individual to be able to investigate and quickly contain hundreds or thousands of systems. Hexadite's automation enables us to scale."

Hexadite AIRS:

  • Investigates all alerts received from existing cybersecurity detection systems, including security information and event management (SIEM), data loss prevention (DLP), endpoint security, next-generation firewall and antivirus solutions, and external threat intelligence feeds
  • Screens out false alarms to ensure focus and resources are applied to real risks
  • Leverages proprietary, intelligent decision-making algorithms and incident response best practices to effectively contain and address breaches
  • Remediates low level cyberthreats, large scale attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs) to reduce the damage and disruption of successful breaches

"Cyber incident response teams are simply overwhelmed by the volume of alerts they receive on a daily basis," said Eran Barak, CEO and co-founder of Hexadite. "With Hexadite, they can regain control and improve their overall response times to ensure the ongoing availability and integrity of their resources."

With a proprietary approach that doesn't require the customer to install any agents, Hexadite AIRS can be quickly deployed to support the entire organization in a 'fully automated' or 'semi-automated' mode. The intelligent automation of Hexadite AIRS ensures nothing goes by unhandled, enabling organizations to quickly uncover and stop attacks to minimize the damages and recovery times associated with the inevitable breaches in their networks.

Visit Hexadite at RSA 2015, booth #N3024.


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About Hexadite

Hexadite is changing the way cyber incident response is done, with the first fully automated incident response solution that enables customers to rapidly investigate and close out all cyber alerts in minutes instead of weeks. The Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS™) maximizes a customer's ability to investigate cyber alerts, post detection, to remediate the full extent of a breach. This increases the customer's productivity, reduces ongoing costs associated with investigating and recovering from attacks and strengthens their overall security. For more information, please visit www.hexadite.com.

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