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Lightning Round: Be careful—this lurks everywhere

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Insys Therapeutics: "Good company, makes money but be careful because Johnson & Johnson has a pain management thing brewing that I think could put a lot of products not in a strong position. Mallinckrodt has a great pain franchise, and that's another stock that I like very much. "

Karyopharm Therapeutics: "All the clinical stage pharmas are going to be hostage now to the massive number of secondaries I see given the seven that I've just seen already. So be careful, there is stock supply lurking everywhere."

Dunkin' Brands Group: "I'm not a fan. I'm a fan of the coffee, and I love my Dunkin' Donuts, I think it's terrific and I like its coffee because it's real hot but the stock I think has stalled in the mid $40s. I like growth and I don't think they have the growth. They missed the numbers a couple of times...I don't want good tasting donuts, I want earnings per share growth!"

Starbucks: "I like Starbucks...Sometimes you have to own stocks for multiple years to get the biggest payoff, and that's how Howard Schultz and company makes you money."

Kinder Morgan Inc: "A nice little stock that's done well in a position where the whole group has collapsed. I say hold on to KMI."

HCA Holdings: "I am jealous because this stock is such a winner. It's terrific and I will throw in UNH and McKesson. "

Applied Materials Inc: "Applied Materials is okay. I'm worried though, I don't know if that Tokyo Electron deal is going to go through. That thing has been kicking around for ages and it's long in the tooth. The longer it waits the more I'm starting to think hmmmm...but you're okay with AMAT. "

Ferrellgas Partners: "Be careful, I don't trust the propane market. There are is a glut of propane in the market in obscene proportions. You're playing with propane when you do that. You should swap into Kinder Morgan Inc and you will cut the yield, but we never reach for yield in Cramerica."

Alaska Air Group: "I like Alaska air. Right now the airlines are headed down, but Alaska Air is a terrific situation and I would buy Alaska Air. Please understand right now people are worried about the March numbers for airlines. When they see the March numbers, the stocks will drop and the shorts will cover and you will catch a nice bid in Alaska Air."

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Big Lots: "I have to admit, Big Lots got its act together. But I'm still a Kohl's and Dillard's guy over Big Lots, and let me throw in Urban Outfitters because I think that one right now has the most momentum out of anyone in retail right now. "

Agenus: "The stock has kind of flat lined here, but I'm not giving up on it. I think it can make us money."

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