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RadioShack, Sprint's new stores may look like this

A bankruptcy court approved plans to save more than 1,700 RadioShack stores on Tuesday, giving the electronics chain a second, albeit pared down, chance at life. And it turns out, the brand name could survive in a bigger-than-expected way.

In a court document filed Monday, Sprint revealed plans for what the new co-branded stores could look like. Though the plan is still pending approval from both companies, the proposed new storefronts would include a large Sprint logo, with a smaller—yet still prominent—RadioShack sign.

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The potential redesign of the interior calls for using existing mobile fixtures with a Sprint-branded space, which would launch April 10, according to the document. The full "store-within-a-store" model, complete with co-branded signage, will be present in about 1,500 stores.

Sprint and Radio Shack brand signs will be on the front of the store pending branding approval from both companies.
Source: Sprint

RadioShack first announced that it was pursuing plans to work with Sprint on co-branded stores when it filed Chapter 11 back in February. At that time, analysts cautioned it would be risky to incorporate the electronics store's name on the locations because the company had lost its caché over the years, as the Internet drove its stores—which paid homage to an outdated technology—toward irrelevance.

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"It's become the butt end of a lot of jokes, unfortunately," Retail Metrics President Ken Perkins said at the time. "They knew they had a problem with their image and their outdatedness and they just never could get beyond that."

Standard General hedge fund on Tuesday won the court's approval to acquire 1,740 of RadioShack's stores, nearly two months after the retailer filed Chapter 11.