The best corporate April Fools' Day pranks of 2015

The best April Fools' pranks of 2015

Ryan McVay | Getty Images

Tech giants like Google, Sony and Amazon led the charge on Wednesday with their April Fool's Day shenanigans, but they definitely aren't the only companies having a little fun with pranks this April 1st.

Here's a list of the best corporate pranks of 2015.

Netflix: Binge Responsibly campaign

Source: Netflix

Netflix subscribers are getting an intervention. The company has created 13 different Public Service Announcements that warn against the dangers of binge-watching. Subscribers are urged to go outside, call their mothers, and shower.

The PSAs are triggered if more than two episodes of a show are played consecutively, but can also be found by searching "binge responsibly" on the Netflix site.

Galaxy BLADE Edge: Chef's Edition

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung has unveiled the ultimate cooking companion. The Galaxy BLADE Edge is the world's first smart knife with smartphone capabilities.

The device runs the latest OS and features sensors and algorithms that analyze your grip, dexterity and strength. Equipped with KNOX security, Samsung's latest tech has a sensor which automatically contacts emergency services in the event that the blade makes contact with human blood.

Honda HR-V SLF

Source: Honda

Currently in beta testing, Honda's HR-V SLF is the first automobile on the market with built-in selfie technology.

Many cars have a back-up camera, but this vehicle has 10 selfie cameras throughout the interior and exterior. Drivers can snap photos while the car is in park and upload them immediately to their social media pages.


Google has some April Fool's fun with their homepage.
Source: Google

Google has launched a new version of its classic search engine— The site not only displays the Google logo backwards but all search results are displayed in reverse.

ThinkGeek merchandise

Source: ThinkGeek

Online retailer ThinkGeek, known for its nerdy and pop-culture merchandise, released several new products on Wednesday. Fanboys (and girls) can now purchase their very own "Game of Thrones" Clue boardgame, a Voltron inspired cat condo, and "Guardian's of the Galaxy" inspired Groot Beer.

The company is also offering a steam-powered gaming cabinet and "Mad Max" inspired Power Wheels Desert Drifters so your children can experience the excitement of a dystopian wasteland in their own backyard.

DeviantArt's Stylus IRL

Source: DeviantArt

Online art community DeviantArt has launched a new, innnovative tool that is sure to revolutionize the art world. The site hopes to bring the sophistication of digital art into the real world with Stylus IRL.

The product is pressure sensitive and uses DeviousInk through a ballpoint tip. The device is compatible with all surfaces, even paper and you'll never need to worry about battery life again.

Groupon's Grøüber

Source: Groupon

The "cat's out of the bag and behind the wheel" boasts Groupon's newest app Grøüber, a transportation service that lets you order cars driven by cats from your mobile phone. Grøüber uses GPS-guided red lasers to direct feline drivers from pickup to destination.

Hypoallergenic and hairless cats are available at no extra cost and tip percentages can be calculated within the app. Just remember that catnip tips are only accepted in Colorado and Washington.

Sony's PlayStation Flow

Source: Sonyplaystation

Gaming immersion is about to meet submersion with Sony's PlayStation Flow. The company's newest wearable technology will enhance gameplay experience by taking gaming out of the living room and into the swimming pool.

The Flow captures the gamer's every movement and sends real-time updates to the PS4 system. The device beaks through traditional gaming barriers by streaming game footage directly to the Playstation Flow goggles. "You don't even have to be in a pool to experience it," says Ariel Iganarre from PlayStation's Wearable Entertainment Technology (PWET) group.

Amazon's retro homepage

Source: Amazon

Visitors to were greeted with a blast from the past on Wednesday. The site has been redesigned to mimic its 1999 skin and sports recommendations for prank-related merchandise.

Clicking on any link on the page will redirect you to the company's current design, however.

Microsoft MS-DOS mobile app

Source: Microsoft Lumina

Feeling nostalgic? Then download Microsoft's MS-DOS mobile app. Marketed as the simplest OS yet, the MS-DOS is all about getting back to BASICs.

"Turning our back on graphics was hugely liberating," says Daniel Glass, the lead designer on the project, "We've dropped the resolution, and in doing so re-discovered our roots."

Tinder for Uber

Source: TinderforUber

Uber and Tinder have joined forces to bring two new apps to your mobile device. The Tinder for Uber program will match you with an Uber driver and if you swipe right, he'll split the fare with you.

The Uber for Tinder app, however, will hire a driver for you and your match so you can meet up immediately.

Google Panda

Source: Google Panda Product

Google is about to change its search interface with "a product so brilliant you can ask it anything and so cute you are going to want to hug it," says Chris Yerga, vice president of engineering.

The Google Panda effectively eliminates the search box. Engineered with emotional and conversational intelligence, this device will answer any question in under a second guaranteed. It also comes with shock-absorbing abilities for the on-the-go user.