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This startup is taking a hatchet to the CEO's inbox

Transforming the CEO's inbox

The concept of Updatezen is as simple as its founder hopes it is to use: employees get 250-characters to provide an update on the projects they're working on to their manager.

"We're disrupting the way status reporting is done today which is done with generic solutions like email, spreadsheets, text messages," Paul Ruderman, Updatezen founder and CEO told CNBC.

Hoping to streamline the communication process between employees and executives, Ruderman started the company geared at smaller types of companies. "There are about two and a half million companies and organizations with under five hundred people, that's our target market."

Kevin Winter | Getty Images

Ruderman suggests Updatezen differs from competitors by engaging managers through brevity and requiring character limits, ultimately hoping to clear more time for executives.

"We're helping these executives by taking a hatchet to their inbox," Ruderman said.