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Best cities for happy hour 2015

Best Happy Hour bars

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Best cities for happy hour 2015

Some cities really are happier than others when it comes to those coveted after-work drink specials.

That's according to Infogroup Data Licensing, an business data provider that looked at happy-hour deals and reviews from Infogroup's website, which helps Americans find food and drink specials in their area.

Infogroup President Jeff Khadavi pored through data for more than 33,000 happy hours in 107 U.S. cities, narrowing it down to the top 15 cities with the most happy hours.

To create its final ranking, the team then looked at editorial buzz from local and national media outlets, as well as user reviews from sites such as Yelp. From there, the list of top cities—and best happy hours in each—was born.

Everyone has a favorite haunt for winding down after work. But does your city have best specials in America? Read on and find out.

—By CNBC's Anita Balakrishnan
Posted 2 April 2015

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