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Greece denies saying it will exhaust cash April 9

Reuters with CNBC

The Greek finance ministry denied telling creditors that it will run out of cash on April 9, contradicting reports from earlier Thursday, Reuters said.

Reuters had reported that Greece told its creditors it will run out of money on April 9, making an appeal for more loans before reforms on which new disbursements hinge are agreed and implemented. The request was rejected, euro zone officials said.

The reported appeal was made by Athens at a teleconference of euro zone deputy finance ministers on Wednesday organized to assess how far Athens still was from meeting the conditions for unlocking new financial aid.

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Euro zone deputy finance ministers will meet on the afternoon of April 8 and on the morning of April 9, Germany's representation in Brussels said on Thursday.

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The deputy ministers, called the Euro Working Group, usually prepare meetings of euro zone finance ministers who can decide whether to grant new loans to Greece, which is running out of cash.

The German representative did not specifically say that the deputy ministers would discuss Greece.

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