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Model on 'The Price is Right' makes $21,960 mistake

Winning big on 'The Price is Right' takes a little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck, but never before has a game-show contestant had it this easy.

On Thursday's episode, a contestant named Andrea was given three chances to correctly guess the price tag of a brand new Hyundai Sonata SE. After incorrectly choosing $19,849, Andrea witnessed what could be the game's most expensive mistake to-date. With four options to choose from and two guesses remaining, show model Manuela Arbelaez goofed by revealing the correct price of $21,960 before Andrea could guess again.

"I won it!" screamed Andrea as host Drew Carey, and then the model, realized what had taken place.

"Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car! Way to go!" Carey laughingly explained to Andrea and a confused-then-stunned crowd. "The game is over, folks."

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Arbelaez attempted to hide in shame before Carey brought her back into the camera's view and the open arms of a jumping Andrea.

The model took to Twitter following the episode to laugh the mistake off.

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The episode aired just a day after the show pulled a fun prank on the crowd by bringing back former host Bob Barker.