Broadcast Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams Inspires "Wild Irish Poet" to Write "Stephanie's Ireland," Read Coast-to-Coast on Abrams Travel Radio Shows

BOSTON, April 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Their mutual friendship with author, satirist, actor and wit, Malachy McCourt, resulted in conversations between global travel media personality, radio show travel expert Stephanie Abrams, and Ireland's Wild Irish Poet, Alan Cooke. Intrigued by Abrams' mission to present her audiences on air and online with destinations that enrich, enhance, uplift and inspire the traveler, Cooke's fascination with Berkshire County, Massachusetts-based Abrams' knowledge and passionate interest in Ireland's touristic benefits resulted in his writing a poem reflecting the glories that visitors encounter while traveling in his homeland.

During Travelers411, Abrams' radio show that aired on March 28, 2015 Cooke read his poem which is archived in Hour 3 at and on March 29th on Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams in Hour 1. "Hearing Alan read the poem's powerful imagery took my breath away. Having him declare the poem is named for me choked me up!" Abrams states.

Abrams notes that her mind raced to ways to share "Stephanie's Ireland," and determined that legal ownership of the poem was necessary to expand its reach. "'Stephanie's Ireland' is too wonderful to keep to myself. Alan was delighted with my purchase offer but to finalize signing papers and compensating Alan for the poem's ownership transfer required a little help from my Irish friends!"

On April 3rd, Abrams called Gillian Ennis, co-owner of the charming Carrygerry Country House in Newmarket-on-Fergus, conveniently located five minutes drive from Shannon Airport in a rural setting not far from where Alan Cooke lives in County Clare, emailed her the legal documents and discussed the transaction, providing a credit card for the sale process. I purchased a gift voucher for Alan's celebration dinner at Carrygerry prepared by her husband-partner, Executive Chef Niall Ennis, known for his perfect examples of Ireland's amazing culinary offerings and rated among the best in Ireland. On St. Patrick's Day, two firemen from Lanesborough, Massachusetts arrived to lead their Twin Town's parade in Lanesborough, Ireland and to bless their Irish brothers' new firehouse during the weeklong stay I provided as Stephanie Abrams Travel Fairy Godmother. They stayed at Carrygerry Country House and Deputy Fire Chief Butch Garrity said he'll long remember their wonderful visit and delicious dinner there. Carrygerry 's 'Can Do' attitude and quintessential hospitality are now woven into 'Stephanie's Ireland.' I don't think I'll ever think of this poem without thinking of Carrygerry Country House! On April 4th, 'Stephanie's Ireland' became exclusively mine with their help! How hot is that?" Abrams asks. Questioned where the poem will appear next, Abrams answers, "Expect to see it in my forthcoming travel guide, '1001 Reasons to Visit Ireland!' "

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