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Cramer Remix: You're wrong about the Fed

Cramer: You're wrong
Cramer: You're wrong

When Jim Cramer saw the weak employment numbers on Friday, he stood up and cheered. Not because he's happy that a lower number of people were hired, but because he knew that it would accomplish some amazing things for the stock market—including shutting up investors who only care about the Fed.

"Jokers, just a bunch of jokers. I'm talking about all of those sellers and worrywarts who freaked out on Friday's sorry employment number," the "Mad Money" host said.

In Cramer's perspective, the weak employment number was a good thing because it accomplished the following four things:

1. Shut up the "Fed Heads": Finally! The crowd that does no homework on individual stocks and is solely worried about what the Fed will do was silenced.

2. Slow the rise of U.S. dollar: It could have even reversed the climb for a little bit, too.

3. It explains things: Phew, things are starting to make sense now. Cramer saw a few wacky things happening in the market, and this could justify the wackiness now that we understand there is a weak employment situation.

4. Most companies do better with less economic growth: The fact of the matter is that most companies that investors are buying these days actually do better with slower economic growth.

However, the moral of the story is that Cramer thinks investors should be wary of futures. He is proud of the fact that he knew weak employment would be good for the market, while the futures traders tried to prove him wrong.

"We can stipulate once and for all that whoever is trading the futures may just not have any sort of understanding about the interaction between the economy and stocks," he added.

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As the market enters an environment of uncertainty in the second quarter, Jim Cramer thought it was time to dig into his bag of tricks on the best way to fight a slowdown.

What is one thing he knows about slowdowns? Stocks with dividends tend to outperform. Now this doesn't mean that Cramer thinks investors should just jump on board with any stock out there with a good dividend. Instead, the "Mad Money" host took a cue from the Oracle of Omaha himself to help navigate the market of uncertainty.

"As much as I respect Buffett, I don't believe that all 10 stocks are necessarily worth owning, which is why I want to narrow that list down to my top five Buffett-approved dividend stocks that you can circle wagons around if you are worried about a slowing economy," Cramer said.

The "Mad Money" host gave the go ahead for Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Verizon and Wells Fargo.

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And while Friday's weak employment number took down the futures ahead of the market on Monday, Cramer sees that consumers are still pretty strong thanks to all the money in their pocket from cheap gasoline.

One retail stock that is hot on Cramer's radar is CarMax. And no, it's not some cheap used car stock. It's actually the nation's largest seller of used cars, and its stock has been on fire lately.

What's even better is that the "Mad Money" host thinks it could have more room to run in the future.

"CarMax benefits more from $2 gasoline than most other retailers, because it means people are much more willing to pay up for used gas-guzzlers that they might not otherwise be willing to purchase," Cramer said.

The Federal Reserve building is shown in Washington.
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One company that has totally transformed itself is Zebra Technologies. The old Zebra made specialty printers, along with associated software, supplies and radio frequency identification solutions. However, the tables turned when it made a savvy acquisition of Motorola Solutions' enterprise business.

The new Zebra has transformed into the leader of major enterprise platforms. This includes mobile computing, barcode printing, data capture and motion management solutions.

At first Zebra was slammed hard by skeptical investors however Cramer has seen the stock bounce back hard. Could the new Zebra mean brighter days ahead? To find out, Cramer spoke with its CEO Anders Gustafsson.

"Since we closed the acquisition, things have been going very well. We are all about how we help our customers increased visibility and productivity by harnessing what we call 'the little data', or edge analytics. The feedback from our customers and partners has been very good," Gustafsson said.

Now that the lousy employment number has been announced, Jim Cramer once again heard chatter among investors as to when the Fed will make its next move.

Seriously? Is this what the market has been reduced to, worries about the Fed?

"There are gigantic moves going on, moves that have to do with so much more than what the Fed might do, so we have to face the music that if you want to make money, you can't just focus on the Fed," the "Mad Money" host said.

In Cramer's perspective, investors have used the Fed as a crutch for way too long. Friday's jobs report was a perfect example of this. When the market saw that the number was in a weak range, the futures quickly tanked.

Rather than sit and worry about the Fed, Cramer thinks this is a perfect opportunity to buy the stocks of high-quality companies that tend to do well in a market slowdown.

First up are the pharmacy benefit managers, because they tend to deliver strong earnings. This is a perfect chance to buy Rite-Aid and CVS, as they are ideal slowdown stocks.

Even the big boys like Kraft and Actavis will go higher in this kind of environment. Go for the best of the best! Cramer also recommended HCA Holdings as part of the hospital cohort.

In the end, the worries about the Fed have caused investors to take a narrow view on opportunities that are in the stock market. If it all comes down to the Fed, then you might as well just throw away your homework!

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Juno Therapeutics: "This is one of those hot ones from a couple of weeks ago when we said that some are just too hot to be able to touch. Look at this Prothena today with a secondary. I'm going to say don't buy."

World Wrestling Entertainment: "Don't buy more, if anything I want to sell it. The last few numbers that have come out were really nothing special. I am not a fan."

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