Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Offers New Belly Fat Diet Plans

ATLANTA, April 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Among the many detriments of weight gain, and probably the most focused on by dieters looking to lose weight for the summer, is unsightly belly fat. While health concerns associated with weight gain are still the most important to address, physical looks remain the most common motivator among dieters. People often focus on their appearance and how uncomfortable excess belly fat can make them feel. Appearance and comfort make it important for those dealing with excess belly fat to lose weight fast and to fight the negative stigmas associated with weight gain. It is in this regard that Diet Doc created new belly fat diet plans, helping dieters more effectively target stubborn belly fat and hopefully boost self-esteem in the process.

Diet Doc's hormone diet plans are newly modified to address both patients' appearance concerns and health concerns, utilizing prescription hormone treatments and nutritionist designed eating plans that allow patients to lose weight fast for a confidence boost, and simultaneously decrease the risk of weight related health concerns in the process.

Among the key concerns associated with belly fat is bone density. As reported by Everyday Health, subjects that had higher levels of excess belly fat consistently had inferior bone quality than when compared with women who had less belly fat. Diet Doc's hormone diet plans specifically target fat accumulation in the belly through the use of prescription strength hormone treatments. Targeting this specific fat accumulation not only addresses patients' overall health, but it also allows patients to quickly remove belly fat, the fat stores traditionally among the most difficult to target.

Diet Doc's hormone diet plans rely exclusively on medically supervised hormone treatments in combination with healthy eating plans that allow patients to lose weight fast while also learning about proper nutrition for a more lasting effect. After a quick yet thorough doctor consultation with a Diet Doc physician, done easily from the patient's home via telephone or skype, the company then determines which weight loss aids are most appropriate for patients' unique hormone diet plans. Each patient will work closely with certified nutritionists to develop a meal and snack plan that works around their specific needs and helps them to target belly fat and lose weight fast. Only these comprehensive belly fat diets are personally designed around each patient's age, gender, health history, lifestyle choices and food preferences. Diet Doc is committed to helping anyone around the country lose weight fast, achieve their weight loss goals and target stubborn excess belly fat through their unique hormone diet plans.

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