MacAulay-Brown, Inc. Thought Leaders Present on the Importance of Building Trust and Reliability into Critical Defense Systems at the GOMACTech 2015 Conference

DAYTON, Ohio, April 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB), a leading National Security company delivering advanced engineering services and product solutions to Defense, Intelligence, Special Operations Forces, Homeland Security and Federal agencies, announced today that several members of the company's Secure Computing and Communications (SCC) division delivered two presentations on the topic of trusted mission systems at the 40th Annual GOMACTech Conference, which was held at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis, MO, March 23 - 26.

The first presentation, entitled, "Mitigation of Space-Reliability Reduction Trojans in FPGA Designs", focused on space-deployed Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) designs. The MacB team, comprised of John Hallman, Kevin Urish, Jonathan Graf, showed why systems deployed to space require special design features and strategies to ensure reliability. These features represent unique targets for Trojan circuits that seek not only to violate the function of the design, but to reduce the reliability of the design when deployed in harsh space conditions.

The second presentation entitled, "Formalization and Automation of Reverse Engineering Through Abduction and Sensemaking", proposes a formal reverse engineering process based upon abductive reasoning to assist reverse engineers and provide a path toward automation. MacB engineers, Whitney Butts and Scott Harper, developed a model using logical reasoning, specifically manipulative abduction and sensemaking, to aid evaluators by providing a path forward using decision making techniques during the reverse engineering process. It is typically performed by evaluators with specialized expertise, often in an organic fashion that easily becomes unwieldy.

GOMACTech is the preeminent conference for the review of developments in microelectronic devices, circuits and applications for government systems. The GOMACTech conference is an Unclassified, Export-controlled event that requires participants to be U.S. Citizens or legal U.S. Permanent Residents. To learn more about the 40th Annual GOMACTech Conference, click here.


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