Kevin Spacey, Apple buy up .sucks

Kevin Spacey
Getty Images

What do Kevin Spacey, Apple products, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Justin's nut butter, and Yahoo all have in common? They are all newly registered ".sucks" domains.

The newly created ".sucks" domains are currently open to trademark owners, but will become available to the general public on June 1, according to Vox Populi Registry, which manages the generic top-level domain. Domain Incite, a news blog focused on the domain name market, reported Friday that Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey was one of the first ".sucks" buyers, according to Vox Populi's running ticker of recent registrations.

Other recent registrations on Monday morning's list included "," "," "," and" Domains for Apple's iPod, Apple Watch, and iMac also scrolled across the ticker.

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Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, also apparently registered for a domain under the new suffix.

Domain Incite reported in March that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' (ICANN) Intellectual Property Constituency had advised against the ".sucks" domain, calling it a "shakedown" for its "exorbitant" registration fee.

Instead of a cynical attempt at forcing companies and celebrities to defensively spend, Vox Populi describes ".sucks" as a potential tool for good causes. It provided the examples of "" and domains against bullying and pornography on its website.

Taylor Swift bought up "" and "," according to reports from last month.

For more on the ".sucks" domain, see the Domain Incite report.