Samsung Gear VR: Unboxed

Nirma Hasty
Samsung Gear VR: Unboxed
Samsung Gear VR: Unboxed

Samsung has decided to tackle yet another area of innovative technology, the virtual reality realm. They teamed up with Oculus, a company that revolutionizes gaming to create the Samsung Gear VR.

Inside the box is the headset, a 16 GB Micro SD Card and an SD adapter. It is exclusively paired with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (sold separately), due to its Snapdragon processor and 5.7-inch OLED display that allows users to experience graphics vividly.

With the Samsung Gear VR, users are given the ability to view exclusive movies, games and travel the virtual world.

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"Imagine sports, theater, being on Mars or under the ocean. It's not clear how or when live immersive feeds could start happening, but these headsets are the start of making you feel like you're somewhere else." said CNET Senior Editor Scott Stein.

One downside to the headset is its bulkiness. It retails at $199.

Correction: This story has been updated to reflect that the device is the Samsung Gear VR.