Here's the beef! McDonald's launching sirloin burgers

What's in the beef?

Fast food giant McDonald's is betting on premium burgers and launching new sandwiches made with 100 percent sirloin.

The burgers are a limited-time offering weighing in at one-third of a pound that will roll out nationally by May 11 at an average price of $4.99. (Tweet This)

The sirloin burger will be available in three versions: bacon and cheese, lettuce and tomato and a steakhouse version with mushrooms, grilled onions and white cheddar cheese.

McDonald's is going upscale

"We know that consumers care about their food," wrote McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb in an email. "They want it to be real, fresh and authentic. And more than ever, consumers want to feel good about what they eat."

One New York City McDonald's said the new burger was already available starting Tuesday.

The move represents a heightened emphasis on premium burgers for McDonald's, which axed its Angus burgers in mid-2013.