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The making of $139 million mansion

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It's been nine years in the making, with around 100 workers on the site every day. And it's still months away from being finished.

The construction of the $139 million Hillsboro Beach, Florida, estate known as Le Palais Royal has been a monumental job. And "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" got the first look inside—from the custom-made doors to the $2 million grand staircase and the $4 million resort-sized pool. When finished, the house will be more than 60,000 square feet, with 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and a subterranean garage that can hold 30 cars.

Like a growing number of megahomes in Florida, it was inspired by Versailles.

"There's a lot of gold relief throughout the house," said Tom Murphy, the builder for the project. Murphy, who has worked on the homes of at least 20 billionaires, wouldn't reveal the name of Le Palais Royal's owner.

Shattered Images

The home's front doors, which needed to be raised by forklift, took a year to build in Germany and cost more than $500,000.

The $2 million staircase was made in Italy, with the marble mined in Namibia. It will be adorned in 23-karat gold.

The master bedroom was inspired by the master suite at the Vanderbilt mansion.

Le Palais also boasts the first personal IMAX theater in any home in the world, which cost around $2 million.

Outside, the waterfront property has a dock that can hold a 200-foot yacht.

The house is also designed to withstand just about any storm. Built on 150-foot underground pilings and made of concrete, it also has a back-up generator that can keep the place running for 10 days.

Even after a Category 5 hurricane, "You could use the pool, have the air conditioning running, throw a party, host an event, have the catering kitchen, and be quite comfortable," Murphy said.

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