The VIP doggie hotel suite, only $200 a night

Sit! Stay! Dog hotel with rooms bigger than human rooms

They are picked up in chauffeur-driven Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Mercedes. They are treated to spa services, a fitness center and homemade meals. And they stay in Uber Suites filled with every amenity.

And, yes, they are all dogs.

D Pet Hotels, in Hollywood and New York, is doing a booming business in luxury pet stays. And "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" tagged along with three VIP pooches—Baxter, Laila and Bane—as they were picked up and brought to the ultimate in puppy pampering.

A doggie guest enjoys the $200 a night Uber Suite at D Pet Hotels Chelsea in New York City.

Kerry Brown, co-owner of the New York City location, said rooms start at $84 a night and can go to $200 for the Uber Suite, which has a full-size bed, a 42-inch flat screen TV and more space than some human hotel rooms.

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The suite has been rented for as long as a month for $6,000.

"Dogs love our Uber Suite!" Brown said. "Who wouldn't?"

All the dogs are walked and can get extra exercise in the gym—called Pant—on the pooch-size treadmills. They can also get a "pawdicure" at the spa, with their nails done in pink.

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One regular at the New York location is Bane, an English bulldog who comes every week and has 11,000 Instagram followers. He recently hosted his birthday party at D Pet, but Brown wouldn't disclose the tab for Bane's bash.

D Pet Hotels Chelsea co-owner Kerry Brown assists a guest with a treadmill workout at the hotel’s gym, appropriately known as Pant.

She said her core clients are mainly international business people or celebs who travel a lot.

"People are willing to pay a premium to ensure that their dog, or their kid, is as taken care of as possible and we offer that to the best of our ability," she said.

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