Clinical Trial Reveals Weight-loss Benefits of Morinda's Iridoid-rich Beverage

PROVO, Utah, April 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new study on Morinda's iridoid-rich beverage TruAge Max not only confirmed its powerful glycation-lowering benefits, but also revealed positive contributors to weight loss, including increased energy metabolism and preserved muscle mass.

The clinical trial, conducted at the Institute of Nutrition in Russia, involved obese adults who were undergoing a six-week low-calorie diet intervention and compared the added effects of consuming TruAge Max, a beverage which contains 120 mg of iridoids per serving.

"The participants assigned to drink 120 mL of TruAge Max per day, as compared with those who did not drink any, experienced a 30.1-percent decline in average AGE (advanced glycation end-product) levels," said Brett West, Morinda's Director of Research. "Other significant and beneficial differences were also observed in the Max drinkers, such as improved fat loss, preserved muscle mass, increased energy metabolism and improved apolipoprotein B/A-1 ratio."

West recently presented these findings about the anti-AGE and weight-loss benefits of iridoids as part of the 249th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

"The combined results indicate that sources of dietary iridoids have the potential to mitigate AGE accumulation and, thereby, assist in the maintenance of health which might be otherwise affected by AGEs," said West.

Shon Whitney, Morinda's Vice President of Marketing, said TruAge Max features the highest measured dose of iridoids available.

"AGEs are a major contributor to premature aging, and the iridoids in TruAge Max inhibit the formation of these AGEs, allowing individuals to live younger, longer," said Whitney.

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