Diet Doc Incorporates Positive Influence of Weight Watchers and Atkins Diet Without Cravings, Hunger, or Fatigue

LOS ANGELES, April 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to a report published by Daily Mail, a small handful of diet plans, including Weight Watchers and the Atkins Diet, do appear to be effective for long term weight loss.

America's modern diet, overflowing with refined, processed foods, has clearly influenced the country's obesity epidemic. The good news is that more people are recognizing the health benefits of breaking bad eating habits and incorporating healthier foods. Many have turned to Diet Doc. The company has dedicated decades of nutritional and weight loss research, enabling them to develop diet plans that have freed thousands of the burden of dangerous and embarrassing excess fat. By combining the healthiest principles of leading diets, such as Weight Watchers and the Atkins Diet, incorporating medical supervision throughout, adding personal support, attention and guidance from their team of professionals and including specially formulated prescription diet products and healthy living supplements, patients can now reach and maintain their ideal weight without side effects, without uncomfortable face to face doctor visits and without leaving the comfort of their home.

Diet Doc distinguishes itself from its competitors by spending time with clients, enabling the staff to design diet plans that work to deliver safe and effective weight loss. While many diet plans claim to offer fast weight loss results, they lack the personal touch that Diet Doc delivers. At Diet Doc, patients first consult online with a Diet Doc doctor and work closely with nutritionists to develop diet plans that are compatible with age, gender, medical conditions, nutritional needs and goals. This personalized approach provides a level of comfort and personal support that the competition fails to deliver.

New patients receive the company's exclusive recipe book, featuring over 50 easy to prepare, delicious dinner ideas. The cookbook features many Weight Watchers and Atkins diet recipes that focus on lean meats to encourage healthy bones, strong muscles and a strong immune system and fresh vegetables, rich in antioxidants, as opposed to foods high in processed carbohydrates. Combining healthy Weight Watchers and Atkins Diet recipes with Diet Doc's exclusive weight loss supplements accelerates weight loss by increasing the metabolism for greater fat burn, replacing electrolytes to eliminate fatigue and block the absorption of carbohydrates to reduce cravings for unhealthy foods.

Dedicated to the success of each client, Diet Doc offers unlimited access to their weight management experts to answer questions, offer suggestions for healthy Weight Watchers and Atkins Diet recipes, monitor each patient's progress and lend unlimited support and encouragement throughout this important, and often life-changing, journey.

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