Next from Google: Teleconferencing?

Florian Kiersch

Google could be working on a teleconferencing platform in the latest push by the U.S. search giant into the enterprise space.

No official announcement has been made, but screenshots posted by Google+ user Florian Kiersch show the interface for "GMeet", likely short for Google Meetings.

From the images, it appears that users are able to schedule meetings online and those who are invited can join with the click of a button.

Google has not responded for a request for comment.

Florian's Google+ post says it is only available to "Googlers" – or Google employees – but it is likely to roll out to a broader base of users. Users could also be able to join as guests if they have an event code or know one of the participants, Florian wrote.

Google already has Hangouts, a messaging and video calling platform. GMeet looks likely to work in a similar way with calls being made over the internet but it is unclear whether this will be a consumer or business platform.

At the moment, most teleconferences involve entering a long series of code numbers to set up and join. Google's service appears to want to make the process easier by just clicking a button to join a call.

Florian's screenshots show a GMeet app, but the post notes there is a Chrome extension so users of Google's web browser can access the service easily.

The U.S. search giant made a further push into enterprise technology earlier this year when it unveiled the program - a set of services aimed at businesses to secure Android devices. This included a separate work profile on Android smartphones, a Google Play for Work app store, and suite of special business apps.