Lightning Round: Don't mess with this CEO

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Starbucks: "I happen to like Starbucks, I think Howard Schultz is doing a fabulous job and so is his team. I think that this stock is a great long-term play, which is why it is one of the biggest positions in my charitable trust."

Philip Morris International:"I don't want the international, I want the domestic. I want Altria, it's starting to yield really nicely. But I don't like tobacco stocks in general though, because I think that frankly they are bad for you."

: "I think that AT&T is a buy. I was even looking into creating it through buying DirectTV. I like it."

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Weight Watchers International: "The street is focused on Under Armour and 'map my fitness'. That is what's going on. You're going up against Kevin Plank, and if you are Weight Watchers and I will not be on the playing field with Kevin Plank. I don't want to be anywhere on the field with that guy, I think he will take me down because I am in his zone."

General Electric: "They are selling these properties, and Wells Fargo is one of the buyers of the properties and it sent the stock flying but they report on Friday. And because they report on Friday I say don't buy. If you own it, fine, you don't have to sell it."

Immunogen: "They had that big miss, and it's just hanging out here and it stopped going down. I'm okay with owning Immunogen here.

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