Serial returns? Adnan Syed’s story gets a spinoff

Over the course of 12 weeks last year, people around the world were turning away from their TV screens and tuning in to a podcast that was taking the world by storm.

"Serial" investigated evidence surrounding the murder of Hae Min Lee in 1999, but the non-fictional podcast caused more shockwaves than it ever had anticipated. From spinoff commentary podcasts, to extensive Reddit discussions; its broadcast shook up the sentence of the podcast's protagonist, Adnan Syed, and left listeners rattled when it finished in December… until now.

"Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed" picks up where Serial's podcast left off. On April 13th, this bi-weekly spinoff will broadcast its first episode, one which takes a more investigative approach to Adnan's case than the narrative one that Serial's host, Sarah Koenig captivated her viewers with.

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Courtesy of Serial

As "Serial" generated such a high level of attention, investigation didn't stop when the series ended. Attorneys, Susan Simpson and Colin Miller have continued their in-depth analysis of the case, and discovered more evidence since Serial's airing.

Sponsored by The Adnan Syed Legal Trust, the "Undisclosed" podcast has been made possible by a crowd-funded campaign launched by The Adnan Syed Legal Trust's online campaign and led by attorney Rabia Chaudry.

Asking for $250,000, the trust has already raised more than $93,100, from over 1000 supporters.

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Chaudry played a big role in getting the original "Serial" started. She who contacted Koenig, telling her that she believed Adnan was innocent and that his lawyer, Christina Gutierrez, had "botched" the case, therefore asking Koenig to reinvestigate.

While Chaudry and the team behind "Undisclosed" are happy with the media coverage of Adnan's case in "Serial" generated, the team have stated online that while the series "brought to light the many questions that remained unresolved in this case, [it] also left many questions unanswered."

Thanks to the evidence that's emerged from the "Serial" podcast and The Adnan Syed Legal Trust, on February 6th, Adnan, 33, was granted appeal after 15 years in prison.

Serial's producer, Dana Chivvis, told the BBC that "Undisclosed" is not affiliated with the original series, so those expecting a similar style to Koenig's could be disappointed. Serial's second series, which a date for its airing has yet to be confirmed, will feature a new case.

The "Undisclosed" podcast will air its first episode on April 13th 2015, which will be found on the official podcast website.

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