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The 'Mad Money' wall of shame—Jim Cramer's CEOs destroying shareholder value

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In the past 10 years, Jim Cramer has reiterated the fact that the CEO running a company can determine the direction of the stock. However, sometimes the top exec can turn a company into deadwood and run it into the ground, too. When that happens, the "Mad Money" host has no choice but to commit the CEO to the dreaded "Mad Money" wall of shame.

Cramer considers them to be the "Rogue gallery of incompetent, value destroying chief executives who could cause their stocks to rally simply by stepping down."

Here is a look at some of the executives who disgusted Cramer to the point of commitment to the wall, including his most recent CEO addition, who he says caused major shareholder destruction.

by Abigail Stevenson, last published May 26, 2016

Source: CNBC