Getting in on Buffett's favorite bank stock

What Cramer is watching next week: WFC, JNJ & more

Jim Cramer can't wait to start a new week of investing and happily bid this week goodbye. In his opinion, investors spent way too much time focusing on the Fed and not enough time on the actual companies affecting their portfolios.

"I'm hoping next week, with its earnings laden announcements, might produce some more logical action," the "Mad Money" host said.

However, Cramer will have three key challenges in mind when investing this quarter:

No. 1 International: If the company has any international exposure, he expects to hear reports about how the strong dollar has killed earnings because of the translation from a weak currency into the strong dollar. He also expects to hear complaining about what the companies could have made if the dollar were unchanged.

"I'm concerned about this dollar conundrum because most analysts who follow these companies have yet to slash their estimates to account for the currency issue," Cramer said.

No. 2 Interest rates: The financials will all be talking about how they need higher interest rates to make more money. Otherwise, Cramer expects to hear negative guidance.

No. 3 Oil: If companies think that oil prices are going to come back this year, then they will totally rely on consumer spending to make their numbers and will be unwilling to take risk. Cramer expects to hear energy producing companies to be most hopeful about the oil rebound.

With that in mind, here is what Cramer will have his eye on next week:

Monday: Wells Fargo energy conference
This conference will allow many companies to give their perspective on where they think oil is headed. Cramer is interested to hear what they have to say about the horrendous decision for Royal Dutch to bid on BG, as well as other mergers and acquisitions that could be in the works. The "Mad Money" host thinks this conference could dictate the direction of oil futures next week, since they tend to rely on rumors.

Tuesday: Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo
Johnson & Johnson: Cramer shared a secret with investors on this company: Headline numbers for Johnson & Johnson are always useless. The only way to know how the company is really doing is to listen to the conference call. About halfway through, they will share their outlook. Cramer has seen investors get spooked on this company, and he suspects company estimates may have come down hard because of the strong dollar.

JPMorgan & Wells Fargo: Cramer expects to hear both firms complain about the low interest rate environment. He thinks JPMorgan might be able to hit its numbers, but since Wells has a big mortgage business, he thinks some number cuts might be on tap.

"That said, my charitable trust owns Wells, and I wouldn't mind buying more of Warren Buffett's favorite bank into weakness— even with low rates, it's pretty darned lucrative," Cramer added.

Wednesday: Delta, Bank of America, Netflix
Delta: Cramer sees that the transports could really use a lift right now, and Delta could save the day.

Bank of America: Between number cuts and regulatory action, this bank has been the biggest disappointment of them all. There's really no upside for Cramer here, besides the fact that maybe expectations have hit rock bottom on it.

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Thursday: American Express, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and UnitedHealth Group
Out of all three of these banks, the only one that has gotten its act together enough for Cramer is Citigroup. He's just plain scared of American Express, but thinks Goldman might have something good to say.

UnitedHealth Group: Cramer is excited about this one because of how well the healthcare stocks have been performing lately. He anticipates great numbers from United, along with further insight to its most recent agreement to acquire Catamaran.

Friday: Honeywell
As usual, Cramer expects Honeywell to hit it out of the park. If the stock gets knocked down ahead of the quarter, he thinks it is a good opportunity to take another look at it.

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