a2a SpA : The A2A S.p.A. Board of Directors has approved the 2014 results

MILANO, April 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Gross Operating Margin in 2014 was recorded above one billion euros (1,024 million euros, -9.6% compared to 2013) despite the difficult macroeconomic context

The Net Financial Debt, amounting to 3,363 million euros, was down by around 0.5 billion euros compared to 31 December 2013

The Net Operating Income, up by 41%, reached 362 million euros

The Net Profit from ordinary operations, amounting to 175 million euros, was up by 12.2%

The Result for the year, amounting to -37 million euros (62 million euros in 2013), reflects the effects deriving from the write-down of thermoelectric assets for 207 million euros and from the elimination of the "Robin Hood Tax" for 65 million euros
A dividend of 0.0363 euros per share (corresponding to paid dividends of 112.7 million euros), up by 10% compared to the previous year, was proposed to the Shareholders' Meeting

Appointment of a Director

Full text with date and tables http://hugin.info/148297/R/1910120/681120.pdf

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