Dr. Lee's Spine Center Announces New Tips to Prevent and Treat Low Back Pain

JAMAICA, N.Y., April 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With summer moving season right around the corner, Dr. Lee's Spine Center is reminding individuals about the importance of proper lifting and carrying techniques to reduce the risk for lower back injury. Queens chiropractor Dr. James Lee says he sees many patients at his chiropractic center who are experiencing low back pain following a moving-related injury. In some cases, these injuries may go untreated for months, which can lead to serious low back pain, cautions the chiropractor. Dr. Lee announced his practice has had great success using chiropractic adjustments and other complementary therapies to relieve low back pain.

Queens chiropractor Dr. James Lee is working to reduce the number of back injuries sustained during daily activities, including moving. Dr. Lee is reminding individuals that simple changes to daily habits, including improving posture, can reduce lumbar spine compression and the risk for low back pain.

"Lower back pain is one of the most common afflictions affecting New Yorkers, but many cases can be entirely prevented," said Dr. Lee. "Whether it's long hours at an office desk job and the corresponding poor posture, or improperly lifting a heavy box, simple changes to daily habits and routines can make a big difference for pain prevention and management."

Poor posture can exacerbate lower back pain by compressing the lumbar spine, warns Dr. Lee. Individuals with desk jobs should take regular movement breaks during the workday to reduce pressure.

Individuals who are carrying heavy objects should lift with their legs. Squatting down first allows the lower body to carry the weight of the box, rather than straining the back. Dr. Lee cautions against lifting anything that is too heavy. He recommends breaking large loads into smaller, more manageable size and weights.

"When moving, it pays off to use smaller boxes with lighter loads, rather than several large boxes that are too heavy," said Dr. Lee. "It is easy to damage the lumbar spine when lifting a box that is too heavy. Doing so can cause a herniated or slipped disc that leads to serious pain problems."

For individuals who are experiencing back pain due to an injury or natural wear and tear, Dr. Lee recommends chiropractic care. Adjustments bring alignment back to the spine, which reduces nerve compression and pain.

"Chiropractic care is an effective technique for treating acute and chronic back pain," said Dr. Lee. "Whether this pain is due to an accident injury or natural wear and tear, adjustments are the first step to successfully managing pain without the need for medication."

Dr. Lee's Spine Center provides chiropractic care and pain management therapy for low back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, sciatica, headaches, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

To learn more about how to prevent and treat back pain, individuals may visit http://dr-jameslee.com/.

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