Get ready! Boatloads of buyouts coming soon

More enterprise software infrastructure deals to come?

With all of the huge acquisitions that investors have seen over the past few weeks, Jim Cramer saw one major deal that seems to have gotten lost in the sauce. While many people were focused on the monstrous bid that Royal Dutch made for BG, FedEx buying TNT or Mylan's proposition for Perrigo—not enough attention was paid to one other key piece of news.

Last Tuesday, officials announced that enterprise software provider Informatica would be taken private by Pemira and Canada's Pension Plan Investment board in a $5.3 billion leveraged buyout.

Why does Cramer think this deal was so important?

"Because this is only the latest in a long line of deals involving enterprise software infrastructure plays being taken private, in many cases with the aid of activist investors who love to push these companies to put themselves up for sale, and I bet it won't be the last," said the "Mad Money" host.

Sohaib Abbasi, CEO, Informatica
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One of the hottest themes out there right now is the concept of the Internet of things. This is the idea that as more devices, appliances and systems become connected in your life, the various hardware and software companies that support the connected systems will have a huge spike in demand.

"The Internet-of-things concept is one of the major reasons why the semiconductor cohort and the cloud computing stocks have been roaring," Cramer added.

So, in order for all of these connected gadgets and items to work, an infrastructure software company like Informatica makes it possible for smart devices to communicate with one another.

As the enterprise infrastructure space has gotten hotter and hotter over time, Cramer has also noticed that the players in this group are getting scooped up by private equity firms. They have strong and stable cash flows, which make them an idea candidate for a leveraged buyout.

That is exactly what happened with Informatica, when Elliot Management took an 8 percent stake in the company and then lobbied for an LBO. It's just the beginning of what Cramer thinks is a huge trend.

Given that interest rates are at historic lows, Cramer thinks this is the perfect time for an LBO to occur. Once the Fed tightens up, the window for cheap borrowing could close.

That means there could be boatloads of LBOs coming soon.

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Cramer also thinks that Blackbaud is ripe for the picking. It provides enterprise software for nonprofits and has rallied more than 60 percent in the past year.

So, last week's LBO for Informatica was just the beginning of what Cramer anticipates will be a long string of infrastructure deals headed our way. If you want to play the takeover space, he is blessing Blackbaud. Otherwise, he recommended owning the best players in that might be too big for a takeover such as Red Hat or Cisco.

"The companies that so many aspire to be when they grow up, that is if they can grow at all."

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