Dealer Spike Recommends Dealership Performance CRM Services to Customers

Portland, Oregon, April 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Powersports, RV, and marine dealership professionals who go to Dealer Spike for web solutions services are provided with the best digital marketing tool in the industry. With superior website design, inventory management, multiple ways to attract online leads, and a variety of other tools to help dealerships grow their business online, Dealer Spike offers a performance guarantee in generating leads. But the most unsurpassed dealership sales team still needs organization and a streamlined system of managing those leads and potential sales through a powerful customer relations management tool. For that reason, after reviewing other available options, Dealer Spike recommends Dealership Performance CRM.

This team of industry veterans offers a reliable system for storing leads and assigning them to members of the dealership sales staff. It is then simple for sales managers to monitor their staff members' day-to-day progress on following up with leads and taking potential sale opportunities to the next step. A number of extra tools to help dealerships increase efficiency and stay connected with customers can be found at An especially noteworthy tool is the Complete 360 CRM method. It ensures that your dealership sales team stays connected with consumers not only through the process of a sale, but for years following. The experts at this company know how to draw an interested customer in, breaking that person away from competing dealerships with an inferior sales system. But they also know how to keep that person engaged and interested for the long-term. The team at Dealership Performance CRM knows that these people are still valuable customers, and realize that there are future opportunities for sales.

Dealership Performance CRM has perfected a number of features that no other CRM company on the market has the capability to match. These items immensely improve the sales management industry for dealerships, and make a huge difference to those who rely on the CRM tool to run business on a daily basis. The team at Dealer Spike has looked at the systems offered by competitors such as V-Sept, Traffic Log Pro, and Footsteps, but Dealership Performance CRM stands out as the superior choice. "Our partnership with Dealership Performance CRM is not one that we take lightly," says Jay Mason, CEO and President of Dealer Spike. "What's important is that we have a common interest in helping our customers accelerate leads, increase sales, and solidify the industry presence that all dealerships should aim to achieve."

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