The $230,000 security system—kibble not included

Guard dogs for the super rich

With the rich increasingly focused on their personal security, one brand of executive protection is seeing a surge in demand: German shepherds.

Harrison K-9, an Aiken, South Carolina-based importer and trainer of top German shepherds, is seeing growing demand from executives, celebrities and newly rich millionaires and billionaires overseas looking for around-the-clock protection.

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It gave "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" a look at three of its latest prize canines: Lilli, Yola and Juna. All were imported from Germany—and all could turn from cuddly and calm to fierce and ferocious with a single command.

The price tag for Lilli was $80,000, but top German shepherds can go much higher. Harrison K-9 once sold a dog named Julia for $230,000.

Julia, a Harrison K-9 dog that sold for $230,000
Source: Harrison K-9

The price is determined by the dogs' intelligence, beauty, training and bloodlines, which for top dogs often trace back as much as 100 years.

"There's a show in Europe, you can equate it to sort of the Miss Universe Pageant," said November Holley, who runs the training program at Harrison K-9. "Julia placed in the top 50 dogs in the world."

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The dogs are trilingual, understanding a combination of English, German and hand signals.

Some clients buy several dogs to use as both companions and guard dogs. And just days after the "Secret Lives" shoot, Lilli, Yola and Juna were all sold for their asking prices.

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