Beck's Hybrids Reaps Greater Control of Company Data With Varonis DatAnywhere

NEW YORK, April 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beck's Hybrids, the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States, found itself faced with a dilemma as employee use of public cloud sharing solutions to collaborate and share documents began growing like a field of weeds. Beck's Hybrids Systems Engineer Jeremy Hunt understood the business benefits of digital collaboration but was not comfortable with the threats posed by potential exposure of sensitive or confidential data.

In search of an alternative to public cloud sharing solutions and a way to centralize employee file sharing, Hunt's search yielded Varonis Systems, Inc.'s DatAnywhere solution. With DatAnywhere, Beck's Hybrids employees now have the ability to share and access terabytes and even petabytes of data at high speed from any device without leaving the security of the company's internal file servers.

Regaining Data Ownership, Reducing Risk

The IT department at Beck's Hybrids first realized the loss of control that employee use of public cloud file-sharing solutions presented when they were contacted by a representative from a popular cloud platform. The representative notified Beck's Hybrids that employees were using a number of separate public accounts, and that Beck's had no control or access to the data in those accounts. Jeremy Hunt and his team discovered Varonis DatAnywhere and quickly learned that they could equip employees with an alternative solution that allowed them to more easily share and collaborate on documents – using their internal file shares.

Hunt explained, "Public cloud sharing seemed convenient at first. At one point we might have even been paying for a few employee accounts. But as a company we quickly learned that we had no rights, no access to our own data that was being stored on these public accounts. We knew we had to centralize this file sharing in a way that was secure yet still convenient for employees. DatAnywhere was one of the first solutions we came across that could accomplish this, and it has been well worth our investment."

Improving Productivity & Workflow

Beck's Hybrids' IT department also found itself bogged down by data duplication. In their attempts to use cloud-based accounts to share and collaborate on company documents, employees were ending up with multiple copies of data, making it exceedingly difficult for data owners to identify which copies had the most up-to-date information. The search for the right data files was hindering productivity.

Additionally, Beck's Hybrids' seed production group was originally using USB drives to collect data on the field. Once they were done working in the field for multiple days, they would need to bring the files to their computers to upload them to the company network. Not only was the process unreliable and time consuming, in one episode a field incident caused the loss of the collected data because it wasn't being synced with the company servers. DatAnywhere has now seamlessly solved this workflow issue for Beck's Hybrids by allowing the seed production team to synchronize its data updates directly to the company network from on the fields.

"DatAnywhere has been a great solution for us since the beginning, helping improve several workflow issues while simultaneously providing us with the confidence that the data our employees are sharing is safe, accurate and secure," said Hunt. "The product has grown immensely since we were an early adopter, which makes it clear that Varonis is investing heavily in continuous improvement."

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