Photo Release -- ANADIGICS WiFi Infrastructure Amplifier Powers New High-Performance TRENDnet Router

ANADIGICS 802.11ac Power Amplifier Delivers an Industry-Leading Combination of Linearity, Efficiency, Gain and Thermal Characteristics to Enable WiFi Connectivity in TRENDnet's TEW-828DRU Router

ANADIGICS 802.11ac Power Amplifier Delivers an Industry-Leading Combination of Linearity, Efficiency, Gain and Thermal characteristics to Enable WiFi Connectivity in TRENDnet's TEW-828DRU Router

WARREN, N.J., April 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ANADIGICS, Inc. (Nasdaq:ANAD) ("ANADIGICS" or the "Company"), a world leader in radio frequency (RF) solutions, today announced that the Company is shipping its AWL5911 power amplifier (PA) in volume for use in the new TRENDnet AC3200 TEW-828DRU tri-band wireless router. This high-performance router, showcased at the 2015 International CES, features all gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, and six separate antennas to support ultra-performance 802.11ac connectivity.

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"We are excited to collaborate with TRENDnet to enable the next level of performance in WiFi infrastructure products," said Alex Miller, product marketing manager for WiFi Products at ANADIGICS. "WiFi routers and access points are a critical part of the connectivity infrastructure both inside and outside the home. As the total number of connected devices increases, it's essential for a WiFi network to maintain a rich overall user experience. ANADIGICS' AWL5911 802.11ac WiFi power amplifier provides exceptional linearity, output power, and gain to help TRENDnet's AC3200 tri-band router deliver high-throughput connectivity at extended ranges even in crowded WiFi network situations."

The TRENDnet AC3200 TEW-828DRU router uses six AWL5911 amplifiers in each unit to drive high power in the 5 GHz band to each of six antennas. The simultaneous operation of multiple transmit chains puts tremendous emphasis on power amplifier operating efficiency, which ensures good system thermal management without expensive heat sinking.

The AWL5911 power amplifier delivers 33 dB of linear power gain and 1.8% EVM at +22 dBm output power with outstanding power efficiency to ensure excellent thermal operation. The AWL5911 also features an internal digital PA enable interface that eliminates the need for an external buffer amplifier, as well as an integrated detector that facilitates accurate power control over varying load conditions (3:1 VSWR). ANADIGICS' family of 802.11ac WiFi power amplifiers for infrastructure applications leverages the Company's patented InGaP-Plus™ technology and unique design architectures to offer world-class performance and integration.

ANADIGICS 802.11ac WiFi Infrastructure Power Amplifier Family Key Facts and Highlights:

  • High gain and output power levels to ensure optimal performance in infrastructure and multimedia applications
  • Ultra-low EVM in the toughest 802.11ac modulation formats, enabling extremely high transmission data rates
  • High-precision, integrated power detector to ensure accurate power control over varying load conditions and extend dynamic range
  • Best-in-class power efficiency for improved thermal characteristics to support MIMO applications
  • CMOS-compatible control interface to improve ease of use
  • Compact 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.8 mm QFN package with RF ports internally matched to 50 Ohms and DC blocked to reduce PCB space requirements

ANADIGICS 802.11ac 5 GHz WiFi Power Amplifier Family:
Product Frequency Band Output Power EVM Gain
AWL5905 4900 to 5900 MHz +19.5 dBm 2.0% 30 dB
AWL5910 4900 to 5900 MHz +22 dBm 1.8% 31 dB
AWL5911 4900 to 5900 MHz +22 dBm 1.8% 33 dB

The AWL5911 is available now in volume for production orders.


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