Inside the megaclosets of the super rich


Peek inside these luxury closets

Source: Beth Wolff Realtors

For the super rich, closets aren't merely storage space. More and more, closets are becoming lavish showrooms to display the designer bags, shoes and apparel they collect.  

From a half-million dollar closet that's bigger than most people's homes to a famous designer's walk-in that looks more like an art gallery for clothes than it does a closet, here are five drool-worthy closets created for the super rich. 

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By CNBC's Jessi Joseph
Pubbed 14 April 2015

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His & his closets

Source: Bruce Makowsky

Bruce Makowsky made his millions designing a high-end handbag line for QVC.  Now, he's using his love for luxe to design megamansions in Los Angeles.  

Makowsky has outfitted his latest 23,000-square-foot, $70 million mansion with materials from designer brands. The home has furniture made by Bentley and carpet made by Fendi. So for the custom closets, all the details mattered as well.

The "his" closet is lined in alligator skin. The drawers in the "hers" closet are lined in suede and each closet has custom artwork and surfaces made from Kinon, a high-end handmade resin finish. 

But Makowsky recently sold this high-end mansion to a 35-year-old Swedish billionaire bachelor. So for now both closets belong to him.

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A glass vault

Source: Ryan Serhandt

This high-tech megacloset wasn't designed to hold clothes, it was designed to save space. 

In Manhattan, where every pricey square foot counts, the Sky Garage building is utilizing every inch. 

The two-story penthouse built closet space around the staircase. Ryan Serhant, the broker from Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," explained that the owner could use the space to store wine, showcase art, watches or anything else they'd like to show off.  (Like CNBC, Bravo is owned by Comcast's NBCUniversal.)

Press one button and the shelves open up to a downstairs bedroom. Press another and glass doors cover the staircase to create a glass floor upstairs. 

But in New York City, saving space doesn't necessarily mean saving money, the asking price for this apartment is $20 million.

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A fashion mogul's closet

Source: Evan Joseph

Tommy Hilfiger's tailored closet in his penthouse home at the top of the Plaza Hotel in New York City is a luxe men's dressing room fit for a fashion icon.

The designer's designer shoes are meticulously organized across seven shelves that go from floor to ceiling.  

There are lots of super-rich touches, from the high-end hardwood that is laid out in a herringbone pattern to a foot stool upholstered in Louis Vuitton leather.

The rest of the 6,000-square-foot, four-bedroom penthouse is equally dapper. The fashion mogul's home is now on the market for $75 million.   

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Closet queen

Source: CNBC

Jackie Siegel and her husband, David, are building the largest private home in the world.

Modeled after the Palace of Versailles, the 90,000-square-foot home in Windermere, Florida, is 1½ times larger than the White House.

Jackie said her side of the closet alone is more than 1,000 square feet. The home will have 13 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms and 11 kitchens.  

The so-called Queen of Versailles is also building a two-story movie theater, a bowling alley, spa and roller skating rink.  

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A closet the size of a house

Source: Beth Wolff Realtors

Socialite Theresa Roemer may have the largest closet in the world. Without a doubt her 3,000-square-foot, three-story megacloset is bigger than some people's homes.  

Roemer spent half a million dollars to build her dream closet, which she modeled after department store Neiman Marcus. (Of course, that $500,000 price tag does not include the 75 pair of Christian Louboutins, Hermes bags and designer clothes on its shelves.)

Roemer said she's spent around $200,000 on her red-soled obsession alone, and another half million on fur coats.  

Now the queen's royal closet is for sale. Her Houston mansion is on the market, so for $12.9 million this giant closet can be yours.

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