Draghi's day and the rise of "extreme heckling"

Security? How to prevent future glitter bombs

ECB President Mario Draghi has now joined the rare ranks of leading political and corporate figures who have become victims of heckling that jumps the line from just verbal teasing and goes right over into the realm of assault. Today's "glitter bombing" during Draghi's news conference ended with no harm donw and Draghi even returned to the stage a few minutes later with not even a hair out of place. But the trend is getting downright disturbing and just plain weird. Luckily, it also seems like this fad is mostly a European affair.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was the first big-time victim of this new protesting tactic when he was hit with several pies in the face in Belgium in 1999. News Corp's Rupert Murdoch got the pie in the face attack in London in 2011 in an incident made famous by his then-wife Wendy Deng leaping to protect him. President George W. Bush had to dodge two shoes thrown at him at a Baghdad news conference in 2008.

The question is: what do these attacks accomplish? Does anyone remember what the people who attacked Gates and Bush really were trying to say? Does anyone know even now what the woman who stormed at Draghi wants?