Cornerstone Sustainable Energy Announces Engine Demonstrations

NEW YORK, April 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Receivable Acquisition & Management Corporation (OTCQB:CSEI) d/b/a Cornerstone Sustainable Energy ("CSE"), an energy technology company offering Cleantech energy solutions for the Waste Heat to Energy and Geothermal markets, announces that it has established a testing facility and development lab space in New York for the purpose of refining the operating parameters of its current PwrCor™ thermal hydraulic engine. Qualified clients can now be offered demonstrations of CSE's engine technology.

CSE has installed a demonstration engine in the facility and has been exercising its capabilities for several weeks. The engine has been operating successfully at full capacity with input heat at its design specification of 180°F, and these results have prompted initial testing at even lower operating temperatures.

CSE's PwrCor™ engine operates economically using temperatures and flows that competitive technologies cannot match. The technology is designed to generate power with lower grade heat and with significantly less thermal inflow than any technology on the market. As a result, these engines are useful in a wide range of applications which, until the present, have been entirely impractical and often not possible. Engine applications include electrical generation, water purification or desalination, fluid pumping, and gas compression.

The engine is entirely "green," operating simply from sources of heat and cold. It requires no combustion from fossil or bio fuels, thus having no emissions, and operates relatively quietly.

The engines are engineered to be modular and scalable, which easily enables manufacturing of different sized engines.

CSE is now capable of providing, for delivery or testing, an engine designed to generate 10kWe. This configuration is readily expandable up to at least 80kWe. CSE intends to offer larger engine options, using a different configuration, which are specified to generate between 125kWe and 500kWe. All engines are skid-mounted with modest footprints.

About Cornerstone Sustainable Energy

CSE is focused on energy infrastructure development projects and delivering Cleantech energy solutions to commercial and not-for-profit customers.

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