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Press Releases Wants to be the New Google for Organized Web Search

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NEW YORK, April 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The interest regarding is exceeding all expectations. There is a lot of focus on "search" and for new and better ways to find and explore information online.

"Google gives good and extremely fast results, which in most cases is more than enough for the users. But many users did still find it difficult to navigate in Google among the many millions of results, especially when you want to compare search results for specific cities and countries," said Rasmus Refer. is solving this by organizing results by locations, topics and categories.

Surb Inc. is part of the newly formed company Saqoia Inc. which consists of a number of companies in the online search market.

Surb Inc. is planning to raise capital by a Series A round during the month of May to make improvements on the technology and has a global launch during the summer 2015. You can access the beta version on

CONTACT: Rasmus Refer, founder Surb Inc.

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