Lightning Round: An undervalued best in show stock

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: "No, we own it for earnings. Why? Because that Jeep is taking China by storm and I like the way the CEO is handling it. This one is undervalued. It may actually be best-in-show...I really like the idea."

Dupont Fabros Technology: "This is a real estate investment trust with a five percent yield, I like this one even more at this point because I like income."

Primerica, Inc: "I like Primerica, but you know I have been blown away by Wells Fargo and the fact that you've got a chance to buy it."

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Chesapeake Energy Corporation: "Come on, don't come on this show with that worst of breed situation! We've got stocks like EOG, which I think is the best and my charitable trust owns it."

Domino's Pizza, Inc: "There's a lot of people betting against Domino's and they think it can't keep delivering. I think you wait until after the quarter, because when it has these runs it tends to trade down and after that is when you buy it."

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