Confident 'Star Wars' will do 'quite well': Disney's Iger

Crowds crazy for Star Wars trailer: Iger

"Star Wars" fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment of the franchise, due out in December, but Disney CEO Bob Iger was making no predictions on how big the film will be.

"We know that 'Star Wars' films did incredibly well," Iger said in an interview Thursday on "Power Lunch." However, he noted that there has not been a "Star Wars" movie out since 2005.

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The newest film, "The Force Awakens" picks up where episode six, out in 1983, left off.

That said, the movie-going audience is much larger than it ever was back then, Iger said.

"There are markets today that were nonexistent before in terms of movie going, China being a great example of that. So we're fairly confident that this film will do quite well."

The Millennium Falcon and TIE fighters as seen in the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” teaser.

The highly anticipated new trailer for the "The Force Awakens" was released Thursday and received an enthusiastic response from fans gathered inside the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

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Fans can also expect "Star Wars" attractions at Disney theme parks.

"They are coming," Iger said.

"There is work being done now … to develop those properties and I say properties plural because it will be at more than one theme park."

He wouldn't divulge any further details.

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Meanwhile, teams are hard at work producing merchandise to tie into the film. The franchise has been one of the most successful ones ever and is still quite popular, Iger said.

"This is likely to be one of if not our most valuable property once the movie comes out."

Disney paid $4 billion for Lucas Films in October 2012, which Iger called a positive move for all involved.

"We already are fairly confident that it was a good deal for us and it's been a good deal for George Lucas as well because he took cash and Disney stock and the Disney stock has appreciated significantly since less than three years ago when the acquisition was made."

The company is planning six movies in total—"Star Wars" six, seven and eight as well as three stand-alone films, or spinoffs.