Gawker writers trying to unionize

Members of the CIO Local 211 iron, steel and tin workers wear signs supporting the union during a strike in Pittsburgh, circa 1937.
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Members of Gawker Media's staff are attempting to unionize, according to a post published Thursday on

The post's author, Hamilton Nolan, said that on Wednesday a group of editorial staffers from many of the group's sites met with union organizers at the Writers Guild in New York. He listed his personal reasons for wanting to unionize but added that "nobody is seeking to hurt this company, or plunder it for all it's worth, or find a way to attack the people that run it.

"We're just trying to make it a bit more functional, and a bit more fair," he wrote. Gawker Media's response to the effort was not immediately clear, though Nolan wrote that he had been encouraged to post about the effort by the company's editorial director.

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Nolan said that every workplace should have a union as it allows for collective bargaining. He also said it would help to ensure fair pay and give employees a voice.

"We would like to ensure everyone receives a salary that is fair for their time at the company and they work they do," he said. "We would like to ensure that things like pay and raises are set in a fair, transparent, and unbiased way."

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Gawker would become the first major online media company to organize, he added.

Read the full post at Gawker.