Alabama Nursing Homes Continue to Exceed National Satisfaction Rates; Alabama Nursing Home Association Demonstrates Ten Year Commitment to High Quality Care

MONTGOMERY, Ala., April 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Alabama Nursing Home Association and its member facilities are keeping their residents and families satisfied and engaged at a rate that continues to exceed the national average, according to a recently released 2014 data analysis report by National Research Corporation using data from My InnerView performance measurement products.

The nursing home association and its members embarked on a journey ten years ago as a voluntary initiative to improve customer satisfaction and provide residents, families, and employees an outlet to give their perspective and feedback of skilled nursing care centers. The numbers have been steadily improving since partnering with National Research to perform independent field surveys using My InnerView products.

"AHNA sets a prime example of how and why an organization should rank the importance of healthcare for its residents and families in Alabama—its commitment is number one and truly best in class," said Rich Kortum, Senior Director of Partnership Development at National Research. "We are honored to work with such an outstanding organization and grateful that AHNA is setting the benchmark for other states to provide the same quality of care our seniors and their families deserve.

ANHA President Richard Brockman credited their achievements to their commitment to do what's right every day. "Utilizing data and metrics by National Research ensures that we are indeed providing excellent care for our residents and families—without it, we just wouldn't know the successes made or the improvements we can implement. Embarking on this partnership ten years ago was the right thing to do for our Alabama seniors; this is definitely an anniversary worth celebrating."

In 2014, 91 percent of residents gave an overall rating of excellent or good and said they would recommend their facility to others; 90 percent of families gave a willingness to recommend. In addition, family and resident scores exceed the national benchmarks in all four topical domains: quality of care, life, service, and global satisfaction.

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About Alabama Nursing Home Association

The Alabama Nursing Home Association (ANHA) was established in 1951 as a statewide network of professionals dedicated to providing excellence and quality care for Alabama's elderly in need. ANHA has since become a strong voice for long term care. As the oldest long term health care association in the state of Alabama, ANHA reflects a strong network of long term care facility owners, operators and administrators. ANHA represents approximately 93% of Alabama's long term health care. Alabama nursing homes licensed by the State of Alabama are eligible for membership in the Alabama Nursing Home Association.

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