New Dymedex Report Shows Resistant Hypertension Patients Are Both Over Treated and Underdiagnosed

ST. PAUL, Minn., Apr. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to details published in “Hypertension and Resistant Hypertension: Understanding the Complex Landscape and Epidemiology of the Disease”, a new Disease Dynamics Series report from Dymedex Consulting, LLC, the current number of Americans with hypertension is significantly higher than previously estimated, with almost 77.6 million patients affected by the disease. In addition, 43% of those currently being treated for resistant hypertension today don’t actually have resistant hypertension, and another five million truly resistant hypertensive patients remain undiagnosed.

The report, which integrates data from over 125 clinical papers and sources, closely examines the way hypertension develops, progresses, and is treated in the United States. The data builds a clear and comprehensive picture of the key segments of hypertension, revealing that many of the common assumptions surrounding the number of people developing and living with hypertension may be misleading or incomplete.

“By analyzing the depth and breadth of data around hypertension research and fully modeling the disease epidemiology, we’ve uncovered rich new insights into the complexity of hypertension and quantified the population of hypertension sufferers with unprecedented detail and rigor,” said Joe Galatowitsch, President of Dymedex. “Business leaders, policy makers, researchers, and clinicians are making decisions every day with incomplete information about the hypertension patient population.”

Dymedex, the leading authority in medical technology market development, uses robust analysis, proven epidemiological concepts, and proprietary methods to describe the overlapping and interacting segments of the hypertension population. The incidence, prevalence, and duration of primary, secondary, and resistant hypertension are analyzed in detail, as are the number of patients who are undiagnosed, diagnosed, treated, controlled, uncontrolled, resistant, and subject to “white-coat” hypersensitivity or secondary resolvable causes. The report also forecasts the future hypertension population by integrating epidemiology and etiology data with population trends into an extensive disease dynamics model. Like all Dymedex reports, this document provides the real numbers behind the high level assumptions most people use today about hypertension.

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