Sutherland Healthcare Solutions Launches Electronic Health Record Center of Excellence in Hyderabad, India

CLIFTON, N.J., April 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the goal of enhancing patient care and helping our hospital and physician practice clients achieve a higher return on investment with their electronic health records (EHR), Sutherland Healthcare Solutions has launched an EHR Center of Excellence.

The Center of Excellence is located in Hyderabad, India and will have multiple EHRs implemented in a highly secure, sandboxed development environment to properly test their adaptability and to proactively prevent future clinical and business flaws. The EHR Center of Excellence will also challenge the healthcare IT industry through product and process reengineering.

"A high quality EHR system is an essential element in providing high-quality care to patients," said Chief Executive Officer Thomas Laur. "With our EHR Center of Excellence, our clients will be able to test, create, and implement a fully customized and high-quality EHR system that improves clinical, financial, and operational outcomes."

The facility will provide a collaborative environment for our clinical, functional, product, and technical experts to interact and leverage best practices for the leading EHR products. Emerging technologies like cloud, mobility, big data, and social media will be leveraged to create an enriched patient and clinician experience.

Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, a global leader in healthcare IT, will work with our clients to enhance the potential these EHRs. The EHR Center of Excellence will provide optimized clinical workflows, improved implementation methodologies, and efficient management and analysis of patient data. The facility will also work to improve the overall quality of care along with physician, nurse, and patient engagement.

To learn more about the facility, contact Dr. Vivek Tripathi at

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