George Lucas strikes back...with affordable housing

George Lucas
Jason LaVeris | FilmMagic | Getty Images

Award-winning director George Lucas is striking back against his neighbors, reports The Daily Mail. He plans to build an affordable-housing complex in the same millionaire neighborhood that denied his film studio there almost three years ago. (Tweet this.)

The Mail reports that the "Star Wars" director proposes to fund and design affordable housing units for 224 low-income families on part of his Grady Ranch estate in Marin County, California. The project is expected to span 52 acres at a price of $200 million.

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His lawyer Gary Giacomini told CBS, "we've got enough millionaires here. What we need is some houses for regular working people."

The housing complexes would be next door to Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. They will consist of two- and three-bedroom homes for low-income families.

Lucas's representatives said this is not revenge for the blocked film studio, reports The Daily Mail.

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